Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One! (Or: The Third Child Always Has to Wait Weeks for His Birthday Blog Post)

Oh, Ezra. There's so much I can say about him.

He's very suddently turned into a big boy. He cut four teeth in December and is cruising along furniture, crawling at light-speed, and just starting to stand unassisted. He is a very smiley, very snuggly boy. He adores each member of his family and refuses to be left out.

To ensure his participation in all family activities, (especially those of his big brothers), Ezra has already started to play pretend and produce excellent sound effects. He barks, roars, neighs, and buzzes. When we play fight, he crawls into the room and then lays down on the ground as a very convincing injured superhero. He moves his little toy animals around and he loves to put.

We find toys in the pots and pans in the kitchen cupboards, toys dropped into the computer desk, and toys stuffed into tissue boxes. He's actually very helpful when it's time to put toys away, if we give him the correct basket.
Ezra also loves balls, crawling through the play tunnel, and vehicles. He'd really like to love Legos, but big people keep trying to take them away just as he's about to get a good taste. Poor baby.

We love our little Ezra and have to keep reminding ourselves that it was only last year that he was a tiny little baby. We pray that God will have his whole heart and that he will continue to be a blessing to those around him.


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