Monday, September 20, 2010

School Days

Luke started school last Monday. He's really enjoying his classes and his professors. He keeps very busy, and stays "up on the hill" during his work hours, then studies a little more after the kids are in bed. We're working out the schedule, but so far it seems to be working for everyone.

The kids and I started school last Monday, too. We're working through the "Five in a Row" curriculum, and we really like it! We read the same story every day for a week, and then do some of the activities related to the stories in different subject areas. Ellie's also been working on some basic math and reading skills. Last week, we read Marjorie Flack's The Story About Ping. Even Clar sat for the story, and Ellie was able to tell my mom the story by lunchtime on Wednesday. It's exactly the way I'd want to design a preschool curriculum, except I don't have to design the preschool curriculum!

We've met two other little girls who are also homeschooled, and look forward to getting together for monthly field trips with other homeschoolers here on campus. It sounds like the homeschool group has lots of younger-elementary aged kids, and plenty of toddlers, so we'll fit right in.

The fall weather has definitely set in around here. We like to say that we live in a park in the middle of a forest. It's beautiful. I'd show pictures, but if I waited to post until I had pictures, it'd be winter before I got around to it. Speaking of getting around to it, there are some chocolate chips begging me to turn them into cookies. And flattened boxes begging me to take them out. So I'd better go. This is the best my brain can do for coherent blog posts these days.