Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break with Becky

We had a blast with my sister Becky while she was here during her spring break from Grove City College last week.
We visited the zoo and aquarium, played at the park, swam at the indoor pool, and discovered Tent Rocks National Monument.

Aunt Becky taught Ellie to say "volleyball" and how to recognize the volleyball in a lineup of other sports equipment. We miss her and look forward to the next time she can come play with us and teach us the essential things in life.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Using my iPod for good

Luke gave me an iPod a few years ago. It was a terrific gift. He even loaded it up with some of my favorite music so it would be all ready to go.
Listening to the iPod helped me tune out distractions and study while I was a student. It motivated me to get out and run when I didn't feel like it. Lately, I've learned to look forward to doing my household cleaning during Ellie's nap. I started downloading podcasts of my favorite news shows and listening to them while I clean up.

My favorite news show is the Diane Rehm show. She does two hours per day, Monday through Friday. Her Friday news roundup is the best for staying informed on the news of the week. She's a very good interviewer and always polite, but she doesn't let her guests get away with too many outrageous statements. I usually download the Friday shows and then pick and choose other shows based on topics or guests that interest me.

My dad just told me that R. C. Sproul also has free podcasts of "Renewing Your Mind." I just downloaded the series on free will and God's sovereignty. I really enjoyed Sproul's "The Consequences of Ideas," which basically went through many of the different philosophies through the centuries and their impact on culture. I've found that he is able to take ideas that are complex and explain them in a way that makes sense. I look forward to listening to them. If only Ellie took longer naps...

My house is going to be so clean!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Homeschooling in California

I'm not quick to sign petitions or forward emails, but in case any of my 5 readers are unaware, there was a court decision in California that basically said CA's state constitution and education code do not allow for homeschooling unless the person doing the schooling is certified to teach.

You can read more about it and sign a petition to depublish the ruling (so that it can't be used in any other cases) at