Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Up-side Down!

We just found out our little guy is breech, which explains why nothing feels the same as it did with Ellie. I thought maybe this baby was just smaller... but maybe not.
Anyway, I'm going in to the hospital next week to see if they can get him to turn. If not, then it's another C-section for me. Luke and I were talking about days, and when a good day would be to schedule a C-section if necessary, and it struck me just what an odd conversation that is. There's this huge illusion of control over a situation where we actually have very little control.
The point of all of this is to say that it does me good to remember how God is in control and knew this sweet baby by name before we ever imagined him. This also helps me as I start to panic, thinking-- we could have a baby in the next two weeks?! That was true before, too, but I was fooling myself into thinking November was much further away. Oh, no, wait. There it is. On Saturday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Balloon Fiesta (or, The Great Bus Ride, or Mmm, Funnel Cake)

It all depends who you ask. We went to the balloon fiesta with friends last weekend, but the balloons couldn't fly due to wind. The evening was still a great success, because we took advantage of park 'n'ride. Ellie was thrilled to ride the bus. She kept saying "I on a bus, Daddy!" When she sees pictures now, she gets excited all over again.Luke wasn't too disappointed about missing the balloons. He still got to eat hot dogs and funnel cake. And cotton candy, too, which he shared with Ellie and Chloe.
The balloonists were there with their baskets and equipment, so after the sun went down they entertained us with some fire. It just didn't get old for Ellie, who was astounded and had to make sure I knew every time the fire came again.We saw some great fireworks and finished the night off with a snow cone and another bus ride. Who needs balloons?