Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Great Adventures

When Luke was young and his dad had to report to an assignment before they had a home to live in, his mom would drive the boys all over the country, camping in parks and seeing the states. They called these trips their "great adventures." Great adventures are how Luke has managed to visit every state except two (Alaska and Oklahoma), and how he learned to enjoy special time with his family, even when his dad couldn't be there.
We had great adventures at our house, too. Whenever my mom decided to take a scenic route, or we locked the keys in the car and had to walk (in the days before cell phones) to the nearest gas station or friend's house, or we grumbled about going somewhere we didn't really want to go, my mom would say, "it will be an adventure!" And usually, we had a good time, no matter what it was.
So now it's time for Ellie and me to make our first great adventure. Tomorrow we head east for my sister's graduation and my brother's wedding, and while we're gone, Luke will leave for the desert. I want to grumble, I want to cry, but instead I'll say in my most excited voice, "this will be an adventure!"